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Discussion #1
Resolving Ethical Business Challenges: Albert Read “Resolving Ethical Business Challenges” in Chapter 4 of your text, and then address the following points. Support your response with evidence from the text. 
A. Identify the ethical and legal issues of which Albert needs to be aware. 
B .Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each decision that Albert could make and has made. 
C. Identify the pressures that have brought about these issues. 

Discussion #2: Establishing Stakeholder Orientation 
Analyze how the process of establishing a stakeholder orientation impacts business ethics and social responsibility by completing the following: Describing a stakeholder orientation. Illustrating the effect a stakeholder orientation has on business ethics and s
Support your response by citing evidence from the textbook. All citations must be formatted in accordance with APA guidelines. Use other outside source as wellocial responsibility. Discussing how a stakeholder orientation affects honesty and fairness.  as textbook, 12 pt font size and romans new roman font style. double space.

Textbook can be upload if writer needs it; email me to get the textbook.
willing to payi am willing to pay 20.00 USD for this help.  ( negotiable )
subjectthis question is about Business
due datedue August 29 2013

posted :aug 2013


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