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WGU MKC1 - Fundamentals of Marketing and Business Communication

I recently graduated from WGU with a BS in Business Management.  The MKC1 exam was by far the most difficult.  Anyone can make an exam that can be failed!  This is that exam!  It seemed the answers to the questions were from the 3rd and 4th tier, not the most common answer.  MKC1 was the ONLY exam that I failed out of the 23 courses I took at WGU.  I failed this exam with a 65% and needed a minimum of a 69%.  I was successul at the second attempt with a 78%, which I felt was great considering the difficulty of the exam.  I attempted to upload all the practice exams my course mentor assigned before I could retake the exam, but the files are too large.  So, this advice is free!  

The disadvantage of taking an online course is that you cannot get the correct answers after the test.  So, if you fail, you really don't know what you missed.  If you don't know what you missed, then you don't know if you were right or wrong!!!  Studying for a follow-up test is nearly impossible!

Please pay below, so GETMEAPLUS receives their commission.  Then contact me at KnowledgeMgmt2013 at Yahoo dot com, and I will email you two HUGE files.  I will need payment confirmation from GETMEAPLUS before I can send them.  One file you'll receive includes the Chapter Tests (and answers) that were instrumental in helping me pass the exam.  The practice tests are about 30 pages long.  The other file contains my notes and definitions from each assigned chapter.....and they are condensed to help you study.  You can master both files in a week or so.  Good luck!

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